YouTube Hidden Features, You should know.

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Youtube Tv, Have you ever heard about ?

where you have to pay a subscription for a month and you can entertain yourself with   Youtube Tv. It streams live video from multi-networks and some popular cable channels. It has got cloud storage with no storage limit. You can access 6accounts per household is a limit on youtube Tv.

Youtube music

It’s a music app Develop by Youtube. It contains all genre music songs of top hits and famous songs. Its type is online music streaming app, which fetches data from youtube.

this app is now available 17 countries these are










New Zealand,



South Korea,



United Kingdom,

United States.

YouTube  Artist.

YouTube artist is a platform for an artist’s where they can better connect with their fans. It is upgraded version of your channel here you can upload your video and plus you can have your label. You can upload music video, lyric video or any creative video. It will give you more power to channel your channel preference according to your fans. The layout of this channel is also different from the ordinary channel. It will help you to grow your channel more towards success and better connectivity with fans.

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Gaming on Youtube.

If you are a gamer then this is a place for you. Here you can upload your game clips or share your game with others. Here you can record your video or go live while playing a game.

You can search you for game video by their name also you can see live games and Gaming channel. Playing game is your hobby or passion then you can play and earn here by uploading a video.

For kids.

Youtube has created a kids Suit, where they can explore millions of safe and good content video according to their age. Here they can learn some good knowledge about anything. This is the total parental control program.

Here parents can control these settings.

Search panel

Creating a kid profile according to video of their preference

Watch history


Video report

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