World’s Richest Person Jeff Bezos Announces Divorce After 25 Years Of Marriage

Jeff Bezos Announces Divorce!!

MacKenzie, the wife of Jeff Bezos who is world richest and famous for his Amazon company has announces divorce after 25 years of their marriage. On Wednesday morning this rich couple announced this by social media but they did not provide a reason for their separation. 

Jeff Bezos Announces Divorce Twitter’s statement

“We have decided to divorce and continue our shared lives as friends,”

“If we had known we would separate after 25 years, we would do it all again.”

well, Net worth of Jeff an estimated $136.2 billion, which make him richest person in the world. There is no news about how this divorce case will affect his wealth. Bezos amazon co-founder owns roughly 16% of the business.

According to Divorce Rule of half wealth settlement, if MacKenzie if she will receive half of wealth from her husband, she will come in the list of top 5thrichest person in the world. According to report this divorce will be going to break highest divorce settlement in the history of divorce.

MacKenzie Bezos also a successful individual. She is a creative writing major at Princeton also she won the American Book Award for her first novel, The Testing of Luther Albright, which published in 2005.

Jeff Bezos Announces Divorce is now the biggest news in the social media even in local news. We will get a clear picture in couples of the days about this. This divorce settlement will break all record of the divorces settlement if she will get only 1% of Jeff Bezos wealth.

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