Top 3 Technologies of the decade that Are Changing the World

Top 3 Technologies of the decade

The Futurists Gentlemen from early ’90s predicted that in the 21st Century we will have, Driverless car, flying cars, Superintelligent robots and we can travel with a speed of 300 miles per hour even in a car. Well, we have most of the things that are predicted in past. Today our world dominated by smartphones and social networks.

1. Voice assistants

Incoming recent years, the majority of American and Canadian households are expected to own a voice assistant device like an Amazon Echo or an Apple Homepod. All hail to the power of artificial intelligence (AI), voice assistants will grow increasingly helpful like you can switch off/On your light, A/C and also can answer you a question. Its come under one of the top 3 Technologies of the decade

Amazon echo help owners get more from the technology. Voice assistants are making a significant impact in markets across our planet. In the future, we will communicate with technology through voice rather than text. Even Smartphone is not behind in this race Samsung’s “Bixby”, Google has “google assistant’ and Apple has “Siri.”

2. Driverless vehicles

Famous Automakers like Tesla, General Motors and Volvo have already developed semi-autonomous vehicles. But self-driving technology is rapidly increasing. Automobile Gaint General Motors announced that it will launch a car that has no steering wheel or pedals by 2019.

Uber and NASA have come together for pilotless flying vehicles and to develop an air-traffic-control system. We have put it on number two among Top 3 Technologies of the decade.

3. Cryptocurrency

During the starting of 2018, Bitcoin was worth more than $19,200 per coin but now Bitcoin is on $3000. All cryptocurrency market has since declined,

Cryptocurrency may be controversial today, but it has steadily become increasingly mainstream. Many market experts have already invested 20% 30% net worth in the cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency revolution is on the rise.

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