The Nun real story? Interesting Facts.

The Nun real story

The Nun real story | The Nun movie is Directed by Corin Hardy. The genre of this movie is American supernatural horror. It is Story related to Nun origin. You have seen This Nun Character in Conjuring part and Anabella now its turn for the only Nun part.

Is The Nun is a Real story? Well, First you need to know about Valak Creature with Two Horn and Big Wings around its shoulders Back.  The Valak is mythology Creature in Catholic Christianity.

Valak is very well known in the book of the 17century The Lesser Key of Solomon. Valak is known as the Leader and king of the HELL in this book. Solomon King is a Biblical Character. So in this movie, they have tried to show Valak appears as Nun

The Nun real story

According to James Wan, as he claimed that Nun Character in movie Conjuring is inspired by a woman named Lorraine Warren who was haunted. In this movie, Nun is shown as a Valak avatar. It was just a Friction work of writing. 

This Movie  The Nun is not a Real story but you can say it is inspired by a horror movie of mid 80’s The Name of the Rose. Director and Writer of this movie never claimed it too.

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