The Nun 2005 Horror Movie, Old Nun!!

An Old The Nun 2005 Horror Movie

Have you heard about Conjuring? and its Part The Nun 2018 which was released this year. The Nun 2018 movie has earned more than $233 million after its release. Now its talk about the old Nun!!! Yes, The Nun 2005 horror movie. This movie was a Spanish movie and also available in English Langauge. This movie is most search movie on the internet from Last month.

The nun real story

This movie Story plot is totally different from the new Nun 2018. Even The Nun 2005.

Which one is more Haunted Movie

Well, The Nun 2005 glimpse look more like a real haunted movie while The Nun 2018 was also a great haunted movie by itself.

The running time for The Nun 2005 is approx 100 minutes.

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