Stream on Twitch and Earn Money, YouTube alternate!!

Twitch is an online Video streaming platform. Where you can stream Video Game live and broadcast. Twitch is not only limited to Videos games. you can stream any video online according to the genre. Here you can stream on twitch and earn money. Many of Game developers have they their Channel on Twitch.

How to Stream on Twitch and Earn Money

There are two otpions on Twitch from you can Stream a Video.

  • One is First record a video and later upload it. 
  • Second is pretty Tough because you need a Software, which works like a bridge between you and Twitch. In this option, you can live stream your Video on Twitch.

If you became a twitch Partner then you can earn money from two sources. One is by ads and another one is by Subscription.

Advertisement also a key here, where you can earn more money.

Is it  alternate of YouTube ?

Stream on Twitch and Earn Money

Well, we cant say that. People are not very much familiar to Twitch still. The audience of Twitch is completely different from Youtube. Twitch UI is very tough to understand if we compare it with YouTube.


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