Spiritual Tasha Mama, Sex and Breast feeding controversy!!

Natasha Maile, Spiritual Tasha Mama a YouTube star fall into a controversy on her recent video. In her video, she has revealed to have sex while having breastfeeding to her child with her Ex husband.

People don’t like her statement and lashed out her. Some of her subscribers support her on this issue and writes in a comment that they also have sex while breastfeeding.

Spiritual Tasha Mama

In her Video, she has said.

“From what i remember, i remember sleeping with my Ex- husband and my son was on me breastfeeding and we would have sex from behind or something. There is noting bad about making love at all ever.”

Spiritual Tasha Mama also make one more video in response to people criticism. She gets emotional in that video while addressing on the issue.

She added people are unconformable about this topic and further she clarifies her previous video. That her 3month old child was too small and he doesn’t like to put him down any time and always want her(Natasha Malie) to be near.

Her child always with her 24/7 so never want to leave her. While she was into sex with her Ex husband, her child was never a part of that because he usually sleeps nearby her.

She asked hater to stop judging her and she also added people has misunderstood her point and even the idea of having sex while the child is sleeping is very hard.



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