Sony PlayStation Classic is Back, Old is Gold

All 90s kids are familiar with Sony PlayStation Classic, Well one good news is coming from Sony that is Announcement of Sony PlayStation Classic with 20 games. It seems like Sony is following Nintendo. Sony has announced this 2 year after the Release of NES.

Sony PlayStation Classic

Sony has also reviled some of the games name which is coming with PlayStation Classic it will include.

  • Final Fantasy VII
  • Tekken 3
  • Wild Arm
  • Metal Gear Solid

Following are the few name among 20 games coming with  Sony Classic.

Sony Classic PlayStation Vs Nintendo

Sony is entering this field because of Nintendo successfully leading this sector for 2 years. Also, competition is very less in this part of the Gaming industry.

Sony PlayStation Classic Released Date

Sony has chosen 24th Birthday anniversary of Classic PlayStation for its launch which is 3rd of December 2018. The price of this Playstation Classic console near about $100

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