Richest Youtube Gaming channel, Take Top 2 positions.

Well, Yes In the list of top 10 richest of YouTube. First and second taken by two Richest Youtube Gaming channel by overcrossing all famous You-tubers like lily Singh, PewDewPie, and Logan Paul. This year in the list of top richest YouTubers are dominant by Top youtube gamer.

Richest Youtube Gaming channel
Source DanTDM video

DanTDM real name Daniel Robert Middleton 26-year-old from England. He was also featured in Forbes list of highest paid Youtuber at 2017.  He has near about 20M of subscribers and more than 13Billions of views in his channel. Its a 36th most subscribed channel on youtube.

Vanosing gaming Logo

The second Youtuber is  VanossGaming real name of this channel owner is Evan Fong  26 year old from Canada. He has more than 23M of subscribers and more than 69 billions of views in his channel. and 26th most subscribed channel on youtube.


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