PUBG Launch on Xbox one in September 2018.

PUBG Launch news on Xbox one, leave a big smile on gamer community face. This game has  Record of millions of concurrent online user and also sold millions of copy.

pubg launch
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Microsoft has announced that PUBG launch in the first week of September on Xbox one.

This game also Won PC game of the Award & Best multiplayer game in 2017.

PUBG Game is still under construction. There is no PC and PS4 game available right now but this Xbox one announcement is Good news for gamer world.

PUBG has seen very criticism for having game bugs and Gamer also run a campaign on Twitter by the name of FIXPUBG. There are lot more games on the same platforms like COD, Fortnite and Counterstrike. Maybe PUBG has fixed all bugs in Xbox one. so it is ready to launch in September. 

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