PUBG hacked by Chinese Developers

In some Recent days PLAYER UNKNOWN’s BATTLEGROUND Players are facing cheating efforts in this game. PUBG Team has confirmed this news That PUBG Hacked by Chinese Developers and all of the 15
individuals Chinese developers are arrested by Chinese officials. 

PUBG hacked
source Pubg

Their partner Battle Eye said in the 2017 year ending this type of activity start increasing in this game.

Battle Eye also tweeted on twitter about this issue and said they alone Banned over more than 1 million cheaters in January month only. 

These Chinese Suspects are Punished with a heavy fine of $5 Million.

These Developers used Black horse Trojan virus and China Trojan horse virus to steal data from the user’s computer.

PUBG and Battle Eye also said they will continue their war against cheaters.


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