Pewdiepie dethroned by Indian Youtube Channel!!

No 1 youtuber Pewdiepie dethroned by :

Pewdiepie Dethrone by T series |  Pewdiepie is nearly to Dethrone by Indian Music Company channel i.e. T Series. T series is a Bollywood music company which is active on youtube since 2006.

Youtuber Pewdiepie dethroned

Gener of T series is Songs and movie trailers. This Indian channel has more than 60M  subscribers and 47Billions of views.

Youtuber Pewdiepie dethroned
T series Logo

Well, This Channel is not much familiar to most of the people because it is an Indian music channel and mostly popular in Asia.  

World’s Number 1 You-tuber Pewdiepie has a 65M subscriber that is 5M more than T series. Last year Annually rate of followers subscribed to Pewdiepie youtube channel is 9M and T series has 35M. Pewdiepie has also upload a video on this.  

May be in next coming months we can see a new YouTube leader because of T series growth.

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