Pakistan f 16 aircraft shoot down by Indian Air Force, IAF shows evidences.

Tension is on rising between India and Pakistan. Pakistan told media their Airforce has shot down mig-21 aircraft and captured IAF officer. Today, India army personnel has shown all evidence regarding this shot down and confirmed Pakistan aircraft F 16 which is given by the USA to Pakistan to war against terrorism is shot down by mig 21 aircraft. Indian Armies personnel has shown Amraam missile pieces which are carried out by f 16. Pakistan has only f 16 aircrafts which can carry out these missiles no other aircraft can.

Even this is an offense because the USA has never allotted these f 16 aircraft Pakistan to attack in the offense it was given only for strike counter-terrorism.

This tension rise when Pakistani sponsored terrorist outfit took responsibility for Pulwama suicide attack according to Indian reports. where 40 paramilitary policemen died.

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