Orkut saying HELLO Again, with its new App!!

Orkut  HELLO

Orkut hello |well this name is familiar to you. if it’s come to social media. Orkut has come again with Hello app. It was the first social media website of the early 20s which has generated the chatting trend on online. Google has owned it but after Facebook took the market by storm it has totally vanished.

orkut hello

20’s Socal media site Orkut creator ‘Orkut Büyükkökten’  has founded a new social media app ‘HELLO’ it will access on mobile only.

Founder of Hello has announced its Coming to India by this year. Currently, This app is running in the USA, Brazil, Canada and many other countries.

Facebook’s data breach news has spread lots of negativity and Mass people are running a campaign on Twitter to delete Facebook because of Data breach. Seems like Hello trying to take advantage of this moment and also it has more than millions of downloads.

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