Online Gaming Competition and Win Money.

The International.

If you are from the gaming world then The International site is quite familiar to you for Online Gaming Competition. They organized multiplayer battle arena and pool prize almost in between 10 million.

Here, if you are a solid gamer then you can also take part in this Competition by buying a level. You have to choose this level according to your game skills and you can enter the game. Pool prize of this game in the 2018 year is near about 24 million$. Group matches will take place from 15 August to 18 August of 2018 and the main event will happen on 20 August to 25 August 2018.

This tournament will be held at Roger arena Vancouver Canada. live stream of this online game competition also available. You just need to visit their Website The International.

League Of Legends World Championships.,

League Of Legends World Championships was introduced by California based video game industry Riot Games. Its a dream of every Gamer to be part of this  Online Gaming Competition. LOL is completely different from any other tournament which follows old method of entry where you have to pay an entry fee and after that, you can play a tournament. Things are totally opposite here first, you have to play regional online tournaments and after succeed in these online tournaments. An invitation will be sent by  LOL to you to get a chance to become a member of one the league in their tournament. Last year winner League of Legends World championship is Team Samsung galaxy from South Korea.

They have won $1,540,000. The 1st runner was also from South Korea SK Telecom with a cash prize of 550000$. The 2nd runner-up was from China named “Royal never give up” who won 287000 $ amount of money as a prize.

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