Nintendo Switch game trailers, Top 3 of this month.

Nintendo switch is a gaming console which competes with ps4 and Xbox. Here a few lists of Nintendo switch game trailers. Graphics of these games are so good. you can’t compare it with any other handy gaming console.

Nintendo switch game trailers

Top 3 Nintendo switch Game Trailers are below

  • NBA 2k19 trailer is a new game on Nintendo switch and trailer of NBA is so good and easily compete with PS4 and Xbox1. You can search it by NBA 2K19 Momentous Trailer on youtube.
  • Dragon Quest XI – Launch Trailer trailer also available on Nintendo switch. It is one of the best dragon game.It is very popular in Japan and Korea now its launched in Europe and American this month.
  • Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate 2018 its was released in last of August month. Trailer of this game is full of action and fighting clip with monester by different weapons. Graphic of this game also good and easily compete with ps4 and xbox1.
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