Nintendo Switch Browser, Unlock it without any Hack.

Hidden Nintendo Switch Browser for Internet:

Nintendo Switch is a gaming console. These are very popular among teenager and game lover of any age. It is a powerful and innovated hardware on which we can play heavy games.

Nintendo Switch Browser

If we have any handy console for a game or something we are excepted to have internet surfing option in that because Internet has become a part of our life.

Some people are not aware that Nintendo switch has an internet browser. you need not worry about it. You don’t need a hack. It is an inbuilt Nintendo Switch Browser already present in your device and redirects you directly to Google.

How to Unlock Nintendo Switch Browser :

  • Go to Nintendo setting option and open it.
  • Search for the internet option and select it.
  • After that choose wi-fi setting and press your connection.
  • Select change setting.
  • after that select DNS Setting and change it automatic to manual.
  • put this in a primary setting and save it..
  • go back automatically Nintendo Switch Browser gets unlock and redirect you on Google.
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