Next Bitcoin, if you a missed Bitcoin !!

If you missed bitcoin this does not end of the world for you, these coin will be next bitcoin. There are some good coins where you can invest. First of all, investing in crypto always a risk so make sure you make your own individual decisions on buying of the coin. Here we will provide you with some good some good coins details those are grown  500% from their launch.


Verge if you are an old player of this market then this name is quite familiar to you. It launches by end of the 2014 and lowest it touches $0.0000022 on feb 2015 and highest of this coin is $0.23

next bitcoin Verge Coin

So here you can see this coin has shown more than 500% growth. These days Verge coin is on $0.01 so good time to buy this coin in future it will give you a good return in bullish trend if you hold it for long-term then also it can give you a good result according to this coin history.


next bitcoin Kin Token  Logo

Kin token have you heard about kik messenger app? if yes then this token belongs to kik team. They have launches kin token in nov 2017 and lowest of this token is $0.000039 and highest of this coin on Jan 2018 was $0.0013 this coin also shown growth rate of 500%  in just 3 months. Nowadays this coin is on $0.0001 which is still more than the current price of its launch. Investment in this coin for long period is good. Mass buying of this coin can give us a good profit.

Golem, Next Bitcoin ?

next bitcoin Golem Crypto

Golem this token also doing great in Jan 2018 during bullish trend it touches the $1.15 and the lowest price of this token was $0.009. Now it’s at $0.1.  According to some experts if this token will go as expected then it can touch 50$ to 100$ in next coming years. This token has very less supply if the market cap of this token will increase this will give a boom to this token. This token has touched the 1$ mark so in future during bullish trend it can break its old limit that is 1$. So investing in this coin is also good if you go for a long run if all go well this coin can be your next Bitcoin.

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