New Technology 2019: Here a list.

New Technology 2019


New Technology 2019 | Virtual Reality is a computer-related technology where we can interact with the 3D simulated environment.

New Technology 2019

In present days VR is limited but competition between Google and Samsung will bring something big. Maybe next year we will able to see Virtual keyword where we don’t need keyword and Virtual photo View can be seen out of the phone.

New Technology 2019

Self Driving car

The Self Driving car now Google and Tesla is the big name when it comes to a Self-driving car. Let’s hope we will able to see the latest updated version of a self-driving car. Still, this technology is under Updation.


AI, artificial intelligence is a still in progress mode. Sophia a Robot citizen of Dubai is an example of AI. A scientist also working on decision making Super Computer.

The self-driving car is also an example of AI. Elon Musk CEO of Tesla has never favoured AI and also he is not in favour of Silicon Valley California interest in AI. According to him, AI is something which is very dangerous to mankind. But still, our Scientist working on AI.


A blockchain is a number of blocks which are connected through each other by using cryptography. Now a day blockchain is in news because of cryptocurrency but blockchain is more than that. The main idea of “BlockChain” is a decentralized system.

New Technology 2019

Let’s talk about the blockchain future well many companies have invested millions of dollar in the blockchain. Even JP Morgan has also started its own blockchain program. So we can expect a bright future of blockchain technology.

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