Most expensive Apple iPhone Launched Yesterday.

Most expensive Apple iPhone

Yesterday Apple has officially launched iPhone XS and XS max. Also, the most expensive Apple iPhone that is ” iPhone XS max ” is Launched. This iPhone is expected to come to the market by 21 Sep and pre-order will start by 14 Sep. Its excepted price is $1450.

Most expensive Apple iPhone

A12 Chip, The Fastest chip.

Apple has claimed this is the faster smartphone ever in the history of the smartphones because of The A12 Bionic, most powerful and smartest chip.

Fastest Face ID 

It has More Advanced and Fastest  Face ID than the previous generation of Apple iPhone.

iPhoneXI rumors

Camera is a Key 

Apple iPhone camera is a key feature of this X Generation. It hast he more advanced camera because of more Enhanced camera software with portrait mode.

Apple iPhone XR

Where iPhone XR will be the cheapest one among these two. This iPhone will come in market by 14 of Oct 2018. Its expected price is $700.


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