Mario Kart and Toad is Trending on Internet.

Mario Kart and Toad & President Trump.

Nintendolife has tweeted about Mario Kart and Toad

” Yay #MarioKart and #Toad are trending on Twitter! ”

but they didn’t know why. Let us tell you why are Mario Kart and Toad trending on Twitter and the Internet. 

Stormy Daniels an Adult performer compares President Trump genital with Toad. This makes  Mario and Toad fans very angry and they have tweets against this comparison.

Many people don’t know the exact reason of this trending so many of people start making memes on this topic.

mario kart and toad
mario kart and toad

Many of Mario fans lashed out the Stormy Daniels who is an adult Performer and Director because Toad is a part of this legendary Mario game. So some compare it with childhood memories and lashes out her but some take it as fun and start making memes

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