Logan Paul and KSI fight is nothing but a Money Match?

Logan Paul and KSI fight

Logan Paul and KSI Fight come to a match of a boxing is just a way to attract their audience towards a boxing match. They both attended a press conference like Mayweather and Conor. Both Youtubers wants to make there fight big like Boxing star Mayweather and UFC Champ Connor.

Who are These Guys?

‘KSI’ real name of this Youtuber is William Olatunji started his youtube career by uploading Videogame Videos on Youtube.
‘Logan Alexander Paul’ has started his carer on a Vine app after that he made his youtube channel where his vine followers base followed him. After that, he has started making comedy series and started with playing a prank. He has 18M subscribers. Total views on his channel till May month is 3.6 billion.

logan paul and ksi fight
Source Twitter Logan Paul

They both want to cash this moment into a bigger event as they are doing this. Alike Mayweather and Conor McGregor have done, more broadcast your fight and more people will attend it. If we are talking about Mayweather and Conor McGregor fight then those both are a full-time fighter and on the other hand, These YouTuber are a good actor.  They both are doing their fight publicity on their bases by uploading heated videos on their channel.

Who started this?

KSI has given a boxing match challenge to Logan Paul and Jake Paul after won a boxing match against a Weller. Logan Paul very well knows to catch this moment in cash so he accepted his challenge.

Boxing Match 

This match will be scheduled for 25 August 2018. Tickets of this match are selling all over by their fans. price of a ticket is around 40$ to 600$. Even you can see this fight by live stream on youtube and where you have to pay 10$ for this boxing match. This match will take place at Manchester Arena UK at 7 pm.

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