Logan and KSI match end up with no result, Planned Next match!!!!

Logan and KSI awaited Match.

Logan and KSI boxing match has ended up with a Draw. Both are have made heated videos against each other on youtube. logan Paul having 18M subscribers and KSI has 19M subscribers. Both are claiming an easy win on each other before a boxing match. Fight of these two Youtubers was declared Draw by three judges.

Boxing match logan and ksi

How much money Logan and KSI makes

Thousands of tickets sold out and millions of people have seen their fight on a live stream. They both make money from this high voltage drama boxing match but don’t have an exact figure. After the draw of this match, next match will be scheduled for the next year 2018 Feb.

Youtubers have tweeted after a fight, claiming that they are a winner.

KSI said: “I should have won that, lets be honest. He had the first 2 rounds on me because I started slow and that was about it. If it was 12 rounds he would have lost. Either way, it was a good fight.”

Logan Paul has tweeted: “after sleeping on it & rewatching the fight… i should’ve won, 4-2. i was the better boxer & athlete but my bitch ass got too tired. idk how KSI’s throw downs & illegal hits AFTER the bell weren’t accounted for in the score BUT doesn’t matter. REMATCH IN AMERICA ASAP”

This is clear from their tweets that both will make more money in the next match. People also trolling their fight some people labelled it as a fake fight.

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