Israel is all set to step-on Lunar surface, Israel’s Spacecraft.

The U.S.A, The Soviet Union and China are well for having successful ‘soft landings’ on the lunar surface. Israel is also going to launch its lunar mission soon in Feb 2019.

Israel Spacecraft for the Moon Mission

This year 2019 in February month, Israel is going to launch its “Beresheet spacecraft” from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. “Beresheet”, is derived from the Hebrew word which stands for “beginning,” is expected to land on the lunar surface about 2 months later.

The weight of this spacecraft is 397-pound. Earlier January 2019 Beresheet Israel’s spacecraft was transported from Ben Gurion Airport in Israel to Orlando International Airport in Florida U.S. and after that to Cape Canaveral. The launch from SpaceX’s Launch SLC-40is targeted for no earlier than mid-February, According to Israeli space organization SpaceIL, This Lunar spacecraft has developed by the Israel Aerospace Industries.

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