New Apple iPhone xi, X Plus iPhone 9 and their rumors.

New Apple iPhone xi – When we are near to September month, Tech world is full of rumors about the iPhone because Apple launched their new iPhone in this month.

iPhoneXI rumors

New Apple iPhone xi and Others.

There are some rumoured this year also iPhone may Be Launch 3 Variants of iPhone one is of iPhone X i.e. X plus. The second one may be the iPhone 9 which they skipped. Another one is iPhone XI which cost may slightly more than iPhone X. iphoneXI also coming with notch design according to the rumours. This phone may launch ar the mid of the September or end of the September.

New Apple iPhone xi Design

According to rumours, iPhone XI will have 5.8 inches of screen and XIplus will have 6.2 inches of screen. Maybe iphoneXI will have OLED screen and Rear metal body. Notch will be the same according to rumours and expandable memory will go up for 1TB.

Smartpen will also come with XI iPhone like we have seen with Samsung note’s series. This phone will get 3 Rear cameras according to rumours out in the market. iPhoneXI might have a battery that will be increased by 10 to 15 % and will get the fastest charging.

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