Internet Celebrity from China “SAYA” Will Face Charges.

Internet Celebrity Saya from China.

Internet Celebrities word is nowadays on trending because Internet popularity has also overcome to the TV popularity. The reason behind this is your Smartphone. Anywhere you can get access to the internet and watch your favorite series or movie. So these Internet Celebrities are famous due to their followers. Recently an Internet Celebrity from China is facing a charge against alleged attacking a Pregnant lady.

Saya is a famous Internet Star get into the limelight through Weibo. Where she has more than 3millions of followers.

According to the report Pregnant woman husband try to save her pregnant wife from a dog who is running towards his wife. so he kicked that dog to save his wife.

Internet Celebrity

Then Saya and his mother start arguing with a man and his wife. Also, attack her which led her to miscarriage risk.

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