Indian fitness YouTubers are bullies?

Recently famous Indian You Tubers are fighting on “Carbs” Rohit khattri (2.2million subscribers) Indian fitness You tuber having a large number of subscriber than any other mature fitness you tubers have started this controversy by saying eat more Protein and Zero Carbs and get trolled by mature fitness you tubers. Rohit is known as a teenager youtube stars, main viewers of Rohit are the teens who want six packs and big biceps within no times, mature fitness YouTuber poked him indirectly by saying that he is un-mature and having a fan following of school going kids and his knowledge is very bad in terms of fitness and exercises.

Rohit khattri
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One more guy name  Amit Pangal (6lac subscribers) who is also famous for a catfight. He lashed out Rohit and Jeet  (another fitness Youtuber 1million subscriber) in his Heated video. He used bad and violent words for Jeet in response to jeet’s indirect comment. Indian Fitness Youtubers and his fans Criticized his video. That Heated video also showed that he has no maturity level, bully behaviour and no patience level.

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Tarun gill (5.5lac subscribers )also a famous Indian fitness Youtuber. His videos got more unlike rather than like, he launched his own Supplement company but failed. In his Youtube channel, he had interviewed many famous  Bollywood star John Abhram, Thakur Anoop Singh  and some Pro bodybuilder like Mr India Mukesh Gahlot and Arambam Boby.

He was also in news for Indian Fitness league (IFL) Programme for Television. IFL controversy started when he did not pay contract money to Ranvijay and Sahil Khan. Sahil khan makes a negative video on Tarun gill, which results into decreases in his fan following.

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Indian YouTubers are Like this.

All Indian fitness Youtubers are NOT bullies. There are plenty of those are doing Good work. Some of the famous YouTubers like Guru Mann and Gourav Taneja are doing a superb job to motivate youngster towards fitness 

Guru Mann having more than 1million subscribers, also started  “Fit India Moment” to motive Indians towards fitness. Gourav Taneja having more than 7lac subscribers in Youtube channel. well, the quality of content in their videos are too good but they did not get followers according to their quality. They are doing a superb job and kept their self away from these type of fights.

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