Halloween Celebrations 2018 in America

What is meant by Halloween

Halloween is a European Festival which is now celebrated in the USA for a few decades. Halloween meaning is evening before All Saints Day or All Hallow-day. It is also known as All hallow evening.

Halloween Celebrations
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How did Halloween Celebrations start in America

In early 1900s Irish immigrant came to America and also bring this Halloween culture with them too. Halloween Celebration includes Prank and sharing of Sweet and Food with families and neighbors. These Traditional Halloween celebrations have easily taken by American. Some people also claimed Hollywood for this tradition.

Halloween Celebrations
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How Halloween is celebrated in America

Halloween is Celebrated in America with friends and Family member. This festival includes pranks each other and sharing of food and treats. There is no Government Holiday on this day.

What day is Halloween 2018

It is Wednesday, October 31, 2018.

Halloween costume idea

There is plenty of Dress it is totally your choice. You can choose any new Hollywood scary movie character dress as a Costume. For example The Nun Costume or Venom

Halloween Stores nearby

Now a day you don’t need to look for a store because you can get Online Dress for Halloween celebrations and other things from E-commerce sites. 

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