Greg Paul Sex Tape leaks by Hacked (Logan Paul’s Dad)

Logan Paul’s Dad Greg Paul Sex Tape Leaks

We all are familiar with Jake Paul and Logan Paul. Greg Paul is a Dad of this two internet celebrity. A month ago Jake and Logan were in news because of Boxing match with KSI and his younger brother. Jake Paul was also in the news for private video leak. This time Greg Paul Sex Tape is in news.

Greg Paul Sex Tape

Now its turn for their Dad Greg Paul controversy. Some Hacker group on Twitter has posted a video of Greg Paul Sex Tape.
Some of the Youtubers also make a video on this incident and Giving their view about this controversy. Youtube star Logan and Jake are still quiet about this incident.

KSI also Poked Greg Paul in London press conference by labeling him as


“I bet you wouldn’t mind going one round with all the little girls you like kissing”.

Greg Paul also uploads a video on social media and admitted that hacker has leaked his video and offered him a job.

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