Fundstrat Tom Lee Co-founder predicts Bitcoin to $25000!!!

Fundstrat  Tom Lee

Fundstrat Tom lee expecting at the end of this year during the bullish trend Bitcoin will touch $25000 mark.

Some of the market gurus are also saying it can touch $30000 mark during this bearish trend and might touch $30000 during a bullish trend.

Tim Draper an American investor predict that BTC can touch $100K at the end of this year.

Well, Draper predictions about bitcoin have never gone wrong has he said Bitcoin will touch $10000 and More than $15000 in a year.

Llew Claasen is also predicting bitcoin to be $40000 at the end of this year. currently, he is executive director of Bitcoin foundation.

Have you forgotten Macfee? His prediction to bitcoin is about $500000 at 2020.

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