ETH price prediction and is it better than Bitcoin?

ETH price prediction drops

Eth price prediction for this year is heartbroken for many investors. Currently, Eth standing on the number 2 in term of the Market cap. In the year 2018 starting its stand at $1400 and after 9 months it drops to $195.

Why Eth price drop

First, we should know one thing, why eth prices going downward.
The reason behind this is ALT coins using the ER20 token platform.
 Those are using the Ethereum platform for ALT coins gets payment in the form of Ethereum.

ETH price prediction

To get real money from virtual money they have sold these ETH Token to get Real money. That’s by ETH price drops every day. Because of this selling Ethereum price drops.

Some Popular websites predict its price drop to  $140 or $100  and some Youtuber of cryptocurrency has claimed it a good time to buy ETH and it will perform well during a bull run.

Why bitcoin better than Ethereum.

The easy clear-cut answer is Bitcoin has limited supply and Eth has an infinite supply.

ETH price prediction

Can it overcome to the Bitcoin in Future?

well, it is very very hard for Eth to overcome Bitcoin due to its infinite supply.

Some except also suggested that Eth never ever cross bitcoin. Even in Lifetime highest Eth always remains equals to 0.2btc.

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