Eminem Banned MGK from shade 45, Really?

Eminem banned MGK & Diss Tracks

In HipHop industry is in news because of Eminem and MGK beef. Many singer and rapper take their stand on their controversy. This controversy sparks when MGK claimed Eminem banned him from Shade 45

What is Shade 45

Shade 45 is a music channel that plays hip-hop music of Eminem and shady records and Eminem is Founder of this channel.

Eminem Banned MGK

Rag & Bone x Eminem  Collection
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ongoing beef between these two rap is still running from past 2 weeks. Eminem’s new album “Kamikaze” contained a song named as “Not Alike” in which Eminem Poked an MGK. After that mgk Released his song ” Rap devil”

Eminem Daughter Hailie:

Eminem in Interview Cleared that he never poked MGK First.  In 2012 mgk start talking about her daughter Hailie on twitter but he didn’t react. after that mgk said that Eminem banned him from Shade45.

MGK continuously poked Eminem by saying not rap god and that what makes Eminem annoyed. Sohe tears MGK in his track.

Eminem Banned MGK

An American Rapper MGK real name is Richard Colson Baker. His diss track against Eminem ‘Rap Devil” is trending on YouTube. 

Some people also saying this whole controversy is nothing but a tactics to boast a sale of there album and not more.

While Eminem’s Diss track “kill shot” becomes a YouTube biggest hip-hop debut in the history. 50 cent blame MGK for this Biggest debut of hip-hop Track.

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