Drake Fan News – 11year old Sofia Sanchez Gets a Heart.

Drake Fan News | Sofia Sanchez an 11-year-old girl suffering from cardiomyopathy. She was admitted at Lurie C children’s Hospital at Chicago.

Sofia was also gone through a surgery. She has participated in “IN MY FEELINGS” challenge in a wheelchair and her video gets viral on social media.

Source https://www.flickr.com/photos/thecomeupshow/28082662994

Sofia Sanchez an 11years old girl is a Drake Fan. She has also uploaded a video and disclose her wish. That was Drake has come to her and meet in the hospital and cheer up her for an upcoming birthday.

The second wish of Sofia is to get a heart and, Finally which is also full-filled. She has long waited for a heart, which is more than 6 months.

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