Dimecoin future, Will it Go as Excepted


Dimecoin is a Cryto coin which is Famous for its circulating supply  that is
539,096,740,560 DIME. Well, its hard to predict the Dimecoin future. In this bull run, it touched the Highest of its lifetime was $0.00027.

Dimecoin is overtaken by a new team and also they have released a roadmap of this coin which is very interesting.

Dimecoin future

This coin Available in 5 exchanges and include big exchanges like Coin exchange and Cryptopia.  Dime has paired with Following.

$, BTC. ETH, Lite Coin and Doge Coin

Today across the world Dime is used as currency for microtransaction within few seconds in USA, Australia, and Amsterdam.

Will Dimecoin Reach 1$?

It’s very hard to answers Because no one can guess correctly in term of a market. Well, it has huge 544 Billions of annual of supply. Even it has a very  low market cap regarding its own supply. So it’s very hard to predict.

Crypto market is very volatile no one can predict it well. For some investors, if Dime will reach $0.001 Figure it will give good profit. $1 is very hard for this coin because it doesn’t stable market cap figure and circulating is also too high. 

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