DGB Coin, Is a next Bitcoin?

DGB stand for Digibyte and it is a highly decentralized blockchain. DGB coin is a digital asset that cannot be destroyed and one of the most secure Crypto in the market.

Some Features of Digibyte

Highly secure & scalable

Industry-leading transaction speeds

Tried & tested technology over 4 years

Manageable units ready for mass adoption

Digibyte claimed it has 4 times high speed of transaction than Bitcoin also it been using by 82 countries because it is fastest and Secure.

Source DGB 

Digibyte mining

Dgb coin can be mined by using a several pool like and mining software. some of the famous mining pools are given below.

  • Coin SHA256 Mining Pools
  • Scrypt Mining Pools
  • Groestl Mining Pools

These are the most used pool for this coin mining. You can even calculate the profit by cutting all expensive of mining by using Digibyte mining calculator.

Buy Digibyte

You can buy Dgb through many Exchanges. Near about this coin is listed on more than 20 exchanges. This includes Poloniex and Bittrexx.

DGB Storage 

You can store DGB on the wallet. It is wallet available in IOS, Windows, Android, and Linux.

Is it next Bitcoin ?

Well, it’s very hard to tell that it is next Bitcoin because of BTC market cap. Btc has more than $111 Billion of market cap and Dgb has $258 Million market cap. In past highest market cap, it touches is $1.2 billion. So it will take many years to touch bitcoin market cap, which is more than $100billion. But Btc and Dgb have one thing in common that is a limited supply. which is the same in the case of these two coins. Not sure about BTC but DGB can give you a great profit in a long race.

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