Daniel küblböck disappearance & most Searched Pop Star.

Daniel küblböck a 33 years old German pop singer is the most searched guy 30 days after his disappearance. After Daniel küblböck disappearance, he became most searched guy on the internet.  

Daniel küblböck has achieved a stardom in a very short span of time in 2002.

Daniel küblböck disappearance

when he took to participate in Deutschland sucht den Superstar (ddDS) which mean Germany is looking for the star.

Daniel küblböck is disappeared by 9 sep 2018.

He was on a private trip to Newyork. He jumped from Cruise at the morning as per report and Canadian coast guard is on searched for Daniel küblböck.

 Daniel küblböck’s Father also told to media they have felt a sudden change of nature of his boy  “Daniel küblböck”  and have some sort of psychological problems to

He was on this trip to reduce down all his problems

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