Claire Wineland Dies at 21 Due to stroke!!

Claire Wineland Dies

Internet Star Claire Wineland Dies | Claire Wineland was a Youtuber, Activist and Inspiration speaker Dies at 21 age at UC San Diego Thornton Pavillion, Week later after having a lung. The reason for her death is Stroke because of Blood cloth in her brain.
She was Suffering from Cystic fibrosis from birth it is a Lung disease.

At the age of 13, Claire Wineland has Founded an NGO. The name of that NGO is Claire’s place foundation. Her NGO also helped many people who are suffering from these type of Cystic fibrosis.

Claire Wineland Dies
Source  Claire Wineland Twitter.

She was on Youtube from 2017. She has near about 250k Subscribers and has Nine videos till now on youtube.

Claire was an inspiration for many who are suffering from
Cystic fibrosis disease.

Claire Wineland has also won Fox Teen Award in 2015 and was also listed on Seventeen magazine. A 3 week ago, she uploaded the last video on YouTube “Thank You”.

Claire Wineland Last Tweet

“OMG!! Got THE CALL for lungs at 5:30am! Waiting at UCSD to make sure they are a go..if so, I could have new lungs TODAY!! (sic)”

“It’s a GO!!! Surgeon said they are perfect!! See y’all on the other side”

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