China Internet Users population surpassed USA, Brazil by combined.

China Internet Users

China internet users 800million population surpassed the population of The USA which has 327 million, Indonesia 224 million and Brazil 189 million by combining.

This Huge 800 million users figure comes out from China’s Internet Network Centre. Most of the Chinese population are accessing the internet from their smartphones. India is the second country which has 391million of internet user population. Followed by The USA, Brazil and Japan.

internet using pic

China has own internet stuff

China bans Google, Facebook and Youtube in their country still they got world most internet users. The most used search engine in China is Bling. is a social site similarly  QQ video is a platform where you can see stream Videos and Movies.

Even more, they have developed their own map system. China has got their own website for music, social and Email. China Still manages to have the world largest population of Internet users.

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