Childhood video Games Tekken and Vice City are still number #1

Tekken 3 Game

Tekken 3 was developed by namco and was a PS1 Japanese game launched in late 90’s but Glare of this game still same after 2 decades, this game entertain our childhood quite well and lots of our memories are connected to this game. if you love to play a fighting game then for cant forget Tekken name and craze of this game is still same, Tekken was a multiplayer game comes with arcade mode also.  The latest game of this series is Tekken 7. There are some rumoured that last of this year 2018 Tekken 8 will also come out in the market.

source Nacmo

Vice City Game

Vice  City Game this game is very popular, this game launched on 2002 and first part of this game was launched on 97’s and this game also very popular among 90’s child,  game vast  interesting storyline with random missions,  Series of this game now a days known as Grand Thief Auto, this British game made by Rockstar North. Many celebrities have sued Rockstar north. This game has attracts lots of controversies, The name of this game already in ‘Gunnies Book of World Record’ for the most controversial game of the history than any other game. Some article also published stating this game is making children criminal and violent apart from all controversy still this game is king when it’s come to sale and favourite. Grand thief auto V is greatest hits sale more than 89Millions in 2013.

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