Bitcoin market drop below 6000$

Bitcoin market has gone below 6000$ which is one of the lowest of 2018. Market Excepts predict it may be touch 5400$ support level. This is a correction during a bearish market trend. Bitcoin also knows for the big jump during bullish market. Bitcoin has jumped 5500$ to 19700$ from November 2017 to January 2018. This drop down in the price is only a correction but it created a panic in investors.

Why is Crypto and Bitcoin market dropping?

The answer is quite simple Because of negative news in the market. when the price of BTC goes down investors go for panic selling which results into more decrease in price. 

ETH that is Etherium was on 1700$ level in the starting of 2018  now it dramatically on 300$. Same scenario of all Crypto market.  Some coins are doing well in this bearish trend one of them is Tether. 

Price of Bitcoin market is going down but not of the Tether, why

Well, Tether (USDT) is also a digital currency made by Omni layer on the BTC Blockchain. The main reason behind its stability is each Tether is backed by real currency. i.e. 1USDT equals to 1 USD. This reversed money is maintained by Tether Reversed.

Crypto market and Bitcoin market is for Long Run

Many investors do believe that Bitcoin market and Crypto market is only for long run. Like bitcoin started in 2013 and see lowest of 67$ at that time now Running on between 5500$ to 6800$. fairly showing this market is for the long run. Many Excepts predict that in this year-end Bitcoin market will touch the mark of  25000$ to 30000$. Other Altcoins like ETH, ADA, BCH, IOTA  and LITECOIN will show a good growth rate during the bullish trend of the market at the end of this year.

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