Birds Die Because of a 5G Experiment in Netherlands?

The Hague City of Netherland is in news nowadays because of the 5g experiment. Some viral messages on social media have claimed that more than 200 birds died in The Hague, Netherlands, during an attempt to test 5G connectivity due to harmful radiation.

Really 5G did this ?

Recently Indian Movie 2.0 has shown the effects of cell phone radiation on birds and bees. Some people relate this to the 5G experiment.

5g Experiment

local News media of Netherlands denied this.

The Dutch News Editor Robin Pascoe, said:

“This is a hoax. The birds were probably poisoned but the tests are still being carried out.”


In the Huijgenspark in The Hague, more than a hundred birds have fallen dead from the trees in recent days. It is a mystery what happened to the birds. Some local news says it is because of some sort of Poisoned but no one explained how can be poisoned effect on birds simultaneously.

Some people saying might these birds have some sort of disease but question is same. How birds fall simultaneously? This matter is under investigation.

The experiment published in November said there is evidence that radiation can cause cancer and some serious health hazard. Believed to be the one the most expensive experiment, the study involved more than 2,500 rodents, reported according to The New York Times .

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