Are you a Smart Phone Slave?

YES, we are a Smart Phone Slave.

Nowadays people are so much addicted to news gadgets whether its a smartwatch or a smartphone. we rely on them for fitness and other activities. Smart Phone is invented for our convince and where we can store all our information, pictures and contacts.

Not only Teenagers but Midage people also additive to Smartphone. We can spend a full day on a smartphone without getting bored. but in reality, We have become a prisoner of our own device, in other words, you can say Smart Phone Slave i.e. Smartphone. Children are spending their time on a smartphone rather than on family, They love to chat on social media rather than family members.

Technology curse or Boon.

well, It all depends how we are using it. Impact of excessive usage of a smartphone is very very dangerous for your health. Our brain is the main victim of this device. Brain need an exercise if you can’t do that, your This type will become weak and start losing your power of Remembering.
We can’t even learn 2 or 3 mobile numbers from our self because we are so depended on a mobile phone so.


Nomophobia is a proposed name of fear where you are phobic of getting out from your smartphone. This type of phobic is not yet common but found in some teenagers.

In our nearby people are using smartphones every time whether they are in a museum or crossing a road. This is taking us nowhere but to mental illness and Health-related problems because of harmful radiations of the smartphone. 
Smartphones are too addictive, you have to make a habit of using less phone for some time in a day. Invest that time in meditation, yoga and any other physical exercise to put your health on right track.

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