Apple ios12 update for Apple Devices

Apple ios12 update for Apple devices | Today on 17 Apple will be going to Launch it watch OS and tvOS 12. Plus with ios 12 updates is also coming today for all 11ios devices.
Apple has already trended in cellphone market because of Three iPhone launch.

apple ios12 update for apple devices

Apple Officials has not said anything about the time on launching but it is excepted according to Pacific timing at 10 am.
For an update, you need to go to the setting of your Cellphone and after that select software update. You should connect your phone to wifi and battery should be above 60% for installing that update.

watchOS 5 is available for Apple Watch series 1 and 2. First generation watch user can have an update about this. For this update, you need to tap a phone setting and software update.

tvOS 12 is available for all Tv of Apple. Here you can update all its IOS as mentioned above for watch

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